About Us

Community was established May 15th 2011.  We rented space in a hotel and then a public high school until 2018 when God blessed us with a place of our own.  We remodeled our facility into a place that is beautiful, comfortable and safe.     

Since our inception, we have witnessed the Gospel change lives.  We are a straightforward church.  We hope you find our teaching and preaching to be refreshing and challenging as we go verse by verse through the Word.  We hope you find our music to be uplifting and Christ-centered.  We hope you find our approach to church business and financial stewardship to be one driven by simplicity and generosity as we make and maintain major financial commitments to our missionaries and ministry partners.

Our church is a mosaic of senior saints, middle aged people, young career aged people, college students, teenagers, children and babies.  The mosaic includes tech workers and construction workers, business owners and musicians, educators and full time students, business professionals and service workers, machinists and engineers.  The mosaic further includes home school families, public school families and Christian school families.  

We are all different, but we are one Community under Christ when we gather in His name.  We worship together,  pray together, encourage and support one another, laugh together (a lot), and even cry together when one of us is hurting.  This is not a large church but it is a unique church and a place you will make meaningful connections.