We believe that the worship of God takes place in all facets of our gathering, and that our everyday lives should be worshipful as well. When we gather, we worship through prayer time. We worship through our music, whether singing as a church or enjoying a special performance by our musicians. We worship through the grace of financial giving. We worship through the purposeful reading of Scripture. We worship through readily receiving the teaching and preaching from the Word of God. We worship through humble and reflective response to the Word of God. To simply leave our homes on Sunday mornings, and gather in Jesus Name, is an act of worship. Whenever we bow our wills to the will of God, it is an act of worship.

Our whole gathering time is called a “worship service.” Here at Community, we strongly believe that worship is far more than the musical portion of our service.

Here is the typical flow of our 10:30 AM Worship Service:  The church is called to worship with a reading from a passage of scripture. We then sing songs together, both new and old. Then we have a Scripture reading of the passage pertaining to the morning sermon. Next, we enjoy a specially performed song, followed by the sermon. Our sermons are expository and typically in a series as we teach through Books of the Bible. The sermon is followed by a quiet response and reflection time. We make announcements and collect an offering, and then we are done for the morning. Our services typically last no longer than 75 minutes.